Veronica Ibarra was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.  Her parents immigrated to America from Mexico in the early 1970s. She attended Otis School of Art And Design where she studied Photography/ Fine Art. She relocated to NYC in 2003. Veronica's Ibarra's art encompasses photography, make-up, fashion, painting and aspects of sculpture and performance. She has worked for top make-up artists such as Pat McGrath and  throughout the celebrity and fashion world. She has also been documenting up and coming downtown artists which include Lady Gaga. Fusing both talents she has set her own mark by creating beautiful colorful cinematic landscapes with her camera. Surrounding herself in the world of fashion, film, music and art her body of work link the vanguard of the 20th century celebrity with emerging artists of the 21st century.  Her work explores the beautiful, the ugly, the violent and the intersection between the metaphysical realm and glamour.  Veronica has photographed some of the most coveted artists  including Andy Warhol Superstar- Jane Forth, Bibbe Hansen, Vaginal Davis, Rumi Missabu (The Cockettes), Tamaryn, Carmen Hawk,  Amanda Lepore and many others. 

Her work has been viewed worldwide and published in several books, magazines and album covers.

Veronica lives and works in NYC. 

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